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Top 10 Smaller Las Vegas Shows


Las Vegas is known for its entertainment, but sometimes certain things are too big for certain people. Below, we here at Vegas VIP present to you a means to an end for those mass productions that simply don’t have that intimate value. These are the top 10 smaller productions in Las Vegas! (more…)


Vegas VIP is one of those diamonds in the rough. A company that doesn’t take advantage of its customers, but rather does everything it can to please those that dial in. When people hear of what we do here at Vegas VIP, though, it’s easy to come across as a scam. Some opportunistic business that touts amazing packaged deals, but delivers these really lackluster experiences. That’s not Vegas VIP. (more…)

Evil Dead The Musical 4D

evil dead

What do The Music Man, the Sound of Music, Annie, and The Lion King have in common? They were all the starting inspiration for Sin City’s hottest musical – Evil Dead The Musical 4D! Okay, that was a lie; but they are all musicals, as is this on-stage production that encompasses the Evil Dead trilogy. (more…)

Vegas the Show at Planet Hollywood

vegas the show

When you take your seat in the Saxe Theatre in Planet Hollywood, you know you’re not in for some run of the mill stage production. Being named after the city that it premiers in, Vegas! The Show knows that it has some hefty shoes to fill. (more…)


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Anybody that’s stepped foot inside a Las Vegas hotel knows that the central focus of this city is its gambling. The casino floor’s typically stretch throughout the bulk of the resort, offering a plethora of gaming opportunities for the wandering traveler. (more…)