Las Vegas Nightlife

Las Vegas Nightlife Guide

In the recent past, the city of Las Vegas would swell to over-capacity 4 or 5 times a year for holidays or special events. Big weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Superbowl and New Year's would make getting a table at a nightclub or even a restaurant near impossible. Now, however, it seems like every other weekend there is something going on in sin city that draws the masses and 'ups' the exclusivity level.

It is always nice to know that Vegas VIP can make the impossible a reality and do it with a touch of class and professionalism second to none. So whether it's championship fight weekend or the beginning of March Madness, we're here for all of your VIP needs.

Typically, anybody that has made the trip out to Las Vegas has done so for one reason – to live it up. Being the party town that it is, Las Vegas is home to an innumerable amount of frat boys and sorority girls, and this tourist statistic has really helped to keep the Las Vegas nightlife a happening time. For there to even be a nightlife, though, there must be places willing to stay open through the night. Spread throughout this city of sin is an army of nightclubs and strip clubs, all equipped to take on this endless crowd of night owls.

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There are so many clubs in Las Vegas that an avid club hopper may lose track of which ones they've been to. If you're new to the area and don't quite know where to start on your wild night, it's fairly easy to get overwhelmed. The first stop on your whirlwind nightlife tour may want to be the Venetian's TAO, which remains one of the Strip's best known casinos. On an average night, the line for this spacious modern club stretches throughout the casino's main foyer. Introduced to Vegas in December of 2010 at the newer Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas resort is the Marquee nightclub. While the sun junkies can make use of Marquee's dayclub, the nightwalkers of Las Vegas are welcome to dance the night away in the elegantly decorated Marquee nightclub. The crowd at Marquee is typically of a younger sort, and celebrity guest appearances have been quite frequent.

Taking the nightlife by storm over at Caesar's Palace is Pure, a stylish local that seems somewhat reminiscent of a modernized Grecian bathhouse. Pure offers an open view of the Las Vegas Strip, more specifically an unrivaled photo-op of the Paris' Eiffel Tower. If Greece isn't your cup of tea but you're looking for a room with a view, you're party should move off the strip to the Rio Resort where you can stand atop the 50th floor and gaze down at the city beneath you. The Voodoo Lounge offers the best panoramic view of the Valley from a club in all of Vegas. With part of the nightclub spilling out onto the roof of the Rio, there is nothing to keep you from fully enjoying the gorgeous view of the outlying areas. For those uncomfortable with the thought of nothing between you and a 50 story drop, clubs like Mix at Mandalay Bay, the Paris' Chateau and Moon at the Palms offer spectacular views of the Valley. Making your way down Las Vegas Boulevard, you'll encounter the Encore hotel. Here, you should delve into the elegant affair at its premier nightclub, XS. Owned and operated by the same crew behind XS offers 15 scattered stripper poles for the ladies of the night to provide a little unscheduled entertainment. If you're looking for a taste of "classic" Las Vegas, you should find yourself partying the night away in the MGM Grand's Studio 54, which takes its essence from New York City's infamous nightclub.

For those looking for a risque night on the town, Las Vegas is also home to premier strip clubs like Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino, Hustler, and Treasures. Home to some of the city's most gorgeous ladies, these clubs are sure to please even the pickiest of individuals. Sapphire and Treasures are amongst the top strip clubs that have the right to boast having the sexiest array of dancers. VIP booths, private rooms, and affordable lap dances ensure that every moment inside these sinful clubs is thoroughly enjoyed.

There is no question about the fact that if you're visiting Las Vegas, you should be spending your nights partying the night away. With no shortage of classy, elegant, and exciting nightclubs in the immediate area, partying in Vegas is far easier than not.