1. Who is Vegas VIP?

    Vegas VIP is a luxury travel agancy that specializes in VIP services and group event planning. We take a "hands on" approach with our clients to provide them with the accommodations and nightlife options they desire. Our knowledgeable staff will help create the event of a lifetime. Whether you are traveling to Las Vegas for a corporate event or convention, a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday party, or just for fun, we will make sure you have the best VIP experience possible. Read more about Vegas VIP on the About Us page.

  2. What is a Host?

    Vegas VIP provides a professionally dressed VIP host to accompany your group, acting as your own caperone for the night. The VIP host's job is to ensure that your night runs smooth. He or she is there to answer any questions you may have,plus personally escort your group past the endless nightclub lines, setting you up with the best table in the house. Your Vegas VIP host will make sure that your event is a success! Meet our hosts HERE.

  3. What type of services does Vegas VIP provide?

    Vegas VIP can customize a package to accommodate just about any type of VIP need from private helicopter tours to a personal shopper for the day, but the basics are limousine transportation, VIP nightclub access including table with bottle service, dinner packages, golf packages, tours and large group parties.

  4. Why Limousine Transportation?

    Vegas VIP can provide transportation to get your group around town "VIP style". No one wants to wait in long taxi lines and nothing defines VIP more than a limo. From super-stretch Hummers and Escalades to fully stocked party buses, Vegas VIP can accommodate your transportation needs to get you where you need to go. Limos can be chartered from 2 to 12 hours, but a very popular option Vegas VIP offers is the Limo One-Way Transfer. This gets clients from point A to point B in style, but the client is not paying for the limo while it is not in use, making this very cost efficient. Limo a la carte, if you will.

  5. Do limos come stocked with alcohol?

    One-way limousine transfers do not come stocked with alcohol, but you are able to grab a drink and from the bar of the hotel and get on the limo for the ride from point A to point B. Charter limos do not come stocked either. However, you are allowed to bring alcohol on the limo or have the driver stop to pick alcohol up for the ride. There are places to ice down alcohol on the vehicle as well. The alcohol will be there between stop since the limo is yours for the specified amount of time the you charter the vehicle.

  6. What is VIP hosted entry?

    Vegas VIP provides a host that will escort the clients into the nightclub without waiting in the long general admission line. This includes the cover charge and a brief tour of the nightclub. No VIP passes here, which very rarely work.

  7. What is table with bottle service and is it really necessary?

    Most of the seating areas in a nightclub are reserved for bottle service. This means that to sit at one of these tables or booths, your group must purchase the minimum number of bottles of premium alcohol, based on your group size, required for that specific area. Most Las Vegas nightclubs require that 1 bottle is purchased for every 3 to 4 people in your group, however, there may be a 2 bottle minimum to start out with. Vegas VIP always recommends bottle service for the simple fact that it enriches the nightclub experience and gives the group a "home base" to party at. With bottles starting at $300 and up, this option can be pricey, but there is value in not fighting the crowd at the main bar to buy $15 drinks all night. You can pour cocktails at your leisure, invite over new friends and you actually get to sit down.

  8. What is included in the package price?

    The package price includes the host, the services and/or goods stated within the package, sales tax and gratuity for the goods, if any, stated within the package. If the package includes bottle service, for example, then the package would include the Vegas VIP host, cover charge at the nightclub, the table fee, the required minimum number of bottles plus tax and 20% gratuity for the cocktail server. The required minimum number of bottles is based on the number of attendees and is based on bottles of Absolut vodka or the equivalent in price, unless otherwise specified in the package. Although the host is provided by Vegas VIP, any gratuity for the host's service is not included in the package. The host's gratuity is at the sole discretion of the card member the night of service. View our VIP packages page HERE.

  9. How far in advance should I book my party?

    Typically, we suggest that you plan and book your event at least a month ahead of your arrival date. If you are coming on a holiday weekend such as New Year's, Superbowl, March Madness, Memorial Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, or Halloween we suggest to book 2 months in advance.

  10. What does a fun bachelor party consist of?

    A fun night out for a bachelor party consists of 4 key elements: 1.) Limousine transportation 2.) Private dinner (last supper) 3.) Bottle service at a hot nightclub 4.) VIP access to a gentleman's club.

  11. What does a fun Bachelorette party consist of?

    A fun night out for a bachelorette party consists of 4 key elements: 1.) Limousine transportation. 2.) Private dinner. 3.) VIP access to a male review. 4.) VIP access to a hot nightclub.

  12. Should my group get private entertainment or go to a strip club?

    In theory private entertainment sounds like a great idea, but the reality is that you get way more bang for your buck at a top notch strip club. The fact is that you will spend well over $1,000 just to have 2 girls for a show for only one hour. That doesn't even include tips while the show is going on! Why waste time on 2 girls when you can go to the best strip club in Las Vegas and have 300-400 girls to choose from? It makes more sense financially and your group will have a way better time and more to choose from when interacting with girls in the strip club.

  13. What is an Ultra lounge?

    An ultralounge is like a high-energy nightclub on a smaller scale. Ultralounges are perfect for groups who want to go to a fun place without being crammed into a superclub with thousands of people. Usually ultralounges hold just a few hundred people instead of the thousand people that the huge superclubs hold. The ultralounge has really gained popularity in Las Vegas and around the country in the last few years. Ultralounges generally have a sexy d├ęcor and upscale crowd with high energy dance music and a fun vibe. Some of the best ultralounges in Las Vegas are Tabu in MGM Grand, Ghostbar in the Palms, Mix at Mandalay Bay, Mist in TI, and Blush in the Wynn Hotel.

  14. What is the dress code at nightclubs in Vegas?

    Dress codes in Las Vegas are very similar at most all of the nightclubs. For girls, it's easy, just dress sexy! For guys the dresscode is upscale casual. Dress shoes are a must as most nightclubs do not allow sneakers (not even the stylish kind). Jeans are fine as long as you are wearing a collared shirt. You could wear a sportscoat as well without being overdressed at any of the hot nightclubs in town. For guys, the general rule of thumb is just "dress to impress." There will be lots of beautiful women in the nightclubs there that will be looking.

  15. Do I have to bring my ID to get into the clubs?

    Yes! Make sure to bring ID with you or you will not be let into the club regardless of your age. If you are coming in from out of the country, then bring your passport with you. Nightclubs in Vegas will not risk their liquor license by letting in minors or people without proper identification. It does not matter your age (as long as you are at least 21), bring your ID with you. Otherwise, you will have to go all the way back to your hotel to get it and bring it back wasting valuable time that you could be having fun!

  16. How late are the nightclubs open until?

    Generally speaking the nightclubs are open until about 4am. If it is a busy weekend or a holiday, they will stay open till around 4:30 or 5am. There are afterhours clubs in Las Vegas that go until 10am or even later.

  17. How late are strip clubs open?

    Stripclubs in Las Vegas are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Usually the stripclubs start getting busy around 10pm and stay busy till 6am. After the nightclubs clear out, many people go to the stripclubs to continue the party.

  18. What time should we get to the nightclub?

    Depending on the weekend, you should generally plan on being at the nightclub by 11pm. Most nightclubs open around 10pm, so it gets busy by 11. On busy weekends, it's a good idea to get there earlier. Be sure to ask your Vegas VIP host what an ideal meeting time and place is to make sure that you get the best spot in the nightclub.

  19. What other tips/gratuities do we need to consider?

    Vegas VIP includes gratuities in most all of our packages for limo drivers, door hosts, security and waitresses. The only gratuity your group would want to consider is taking care of your VIP host that accompanies your group out on the town that night. Usually people pitch in about $15pp per person and tip the VIP host at the end of the night. Gratuities are not mandatory, but are always appreciated by your host.

  20. What are some good daytime activities in Vegas?

    Some fun activities to experience during the day with your group are skydiving, indoor machine gun shoot, Indy Car Racing, indoor go-cart racing, and Stripper 101 pole dancing class. Just ask your Vegas VIP representative about what interests you and we will be happy to put together some unforgettable daytime options for your group in Vegas.

  21. Do free line passes really work?

    Line passes that are given out in the casino are a tactic to get people in front of the nightclub. Usually those VIP passes just put you in a separate line that isn't really VIP. Some of the passes do not comp cover, whereas others give you half of the cover charge. The best thing to do is set up a personal VIP hosted entry to guarantee swift admission to the nightclub of your choice.

  22. What is Vegas VIP's cancellation policy?

    Vegas VIP has a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 48-hours of the party date, then you would forfeit the share of 1 persons deposit in your group. If you cancel outside of 48 hours, you will receive a full refund.