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Las Vegas Pool Parties

Las Vegas Pool Parties

Anybody that has had the pleasure of dealing with the scorching Las Vegas sun knows that immediate access to a Vegas pool party is a necessity. Seeing as how there are numerous locals to choose from when picking a vacation spot, it stands to reason that there are a vast number of pools to choose from, and seeing as how this is Vegas, each locations offers top of the line luxuries accented with that expected party-feel.

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Taking the top billing as the being home to the most inebriated individuals is Hard Rock's Rehab. Rehab offers a heavy party ambiance, where the drinks flow continuously and the music threatens the stability of your ear drums. High rollers can take advantage of one of the pool's cabanas, which comes attached to a price tag typically in the thousands. The experience to be had at Rehab is the Vegas equivalent of Spring Break in Cabo - and with the steady flow of alcohol, the stories that stem from either may be quite similar. Rehab's party runs on Sundays, leaving the rest of the weekend open to choose nother Las Vegas pool parties.

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Although Vegas is known for its vast party scene, it still offers the ability to enjoy a good time without blacking out and waking up in awkward situations. Wet Republic at the MGM Grande, while still heavy on the music, goes lighter on the alcohol while still keeping that Vegas pool atmosphere. Similar to Rehab, cabanas can be rented for a fairly steep price tag but definitely show their worth when the area starts to get really packed. Wet Republic houses a full sized bar and poolside waitstaff service, which reflects in the the general pricing.

While it is no secret that Vegas is lacking in its family friendly options, there are places and events that stress that fact farther than the posted "No one under 21" signage spread throughout the city. The Mirage's Bare places censorship in the back seat to present a European Style (or topless) pool. While the topless portion is mainly an option that a fraction of the guests take, Bare offers the highest quality of people watching while kicking back and enjoying your favorite beverage. While the concept of Las Vegas topless pool parties may bring to mind the potential for a slew of creepy staring, the general populous at these pool parties in Las Vegas are all there for the same reason - to have a good time.

While Sin City itself is one big never-ending party, it is important to keep in mind where to go when you'd rather continue the party, but stay refreshed. With Hard Rock being home to three separate parties all praises for their party-esque atmosphere, hotels like Aria, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and the Venetian all offer varying experiences. The party in Vegas may never stop, but the parties by the pools run for a limited time, typically starting in April or May and running through to Labor Day weekend.