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Category: nightlife

Las Vegas’ Top Summer Hotspots


With summer slowly creeping up, it’s about that time you start figuring out which Las Vegas establishments are worthy of your summertime business. The locales are quite plentiful, but your time, of course, is limited; so you don’t want to be wasting time and money at some lower rate establishment. (more…)

Deja Vu Showgirls

DeJa Vu Las Vegas

“1000’s of Beautiful Girls & 3 Ugly Ones”.

That is the tagline of one of the biggest strip joints in the United States. Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas is one of the few totally nude clubs in the city. It is packed with a lot of weekly events, stunning women, and a selection of special options which includes shower, table or couch dances. (more…)

Las Vegas NYE

Vegas NYE

Close your eyes…bear with me for a moment. When you hear the words: New Year or New Year’s Eve, what kind of images does it conjure? Images of Times Square, maybe? Family and friends? A large clock with the standard sequential countdown? (more…)

Las Vegas Nightlife Dress Code

vegas nightlife dress code

If you’ve ever spent time down at a Las Vegas pool, you would kind of get the sense that clothing is all but a requirement. While these establishments have dress codes in place, they can essentially be broken down to one rule: Wear as little as possible. (more…)

Halloween Nightlife Events

halloween nightlife Las Vegas

In Sin City, Halloween was once an occasion that local nightclubs took a heavy advantage of. Costume contests touting $5,000 prizes, special guest DJs, and even promised celebrity hosts were once the norm in this city of opulence. The 2012 Halloween season, though, may set the standard for future celebrations in Las Vegas. (more…)

Montreal Nightlife Guide

Montreal VIP

Real-life VIPs include celebrities, sports pros, the extremely wealthy, and high rollers. Given special perks and privileges wherever they go, VIPs really know what it means to live the good life! It’s not necessary to be a millionaire to experience this exclusive lifestyle firsthand, however. You just need to partner with the right VIP service. (more…)

Memorial Day Weekend Events

Memorial Day Weekend Deals vegas

Memorial Day weekend. Sun, fun, booze, babes. A weekend to shake off the long cold winter and rainy spring. A weekend to embrace fun. What better place is there to spend Memorial Day weekend than in Las Vegas? Our weather, our women, our pools, our cocktails and our casinos are second to none. (more…)

May Nightlife Guide

May Nightlife Guide vegas

The days are slowly getting longer and the weather is turning from a mild chill to a welcoming warmth. To many in Las Vegas, the month of May is the start of the summer season; and since the pools are already in full swing, they’re not too far off. (more…)

Las Vegas DJs

DJs vegas

A party in Vegas without any music is nothing more than a crowded mess of people sipping on fruity beverages and making awkward conversation. Nightclubs were made with their sole purpose being to act as a space where locals and tourists alike can spend their evening partying either by themselves or with other patrons. (more…)

Super Bowl Weekend Parties

Super Bowl Weekend vegas

Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas is an experience second to none. Well, OK, actually being at the Super Bowl is probably pretty fricking cool too, but without Las Vegas’ unlimited options for fun and debauchery. After all, no one does nightlife quite like Las Vegas. (more…)