Studio 54 Nightclub

Studio 54 Bottle Service

  • Location:MGM Grand Hotel
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this venue is closed
Re-opened as Hakkasan Nightclub

Club Studio 54 Description

Studio 54 las vegas
Studio 54

Studio 54 Nightclub Las Vegas Studio 54 first gained notoriety back in the 70's in New York City for being the hottest nightlife destination in the world. In the late 1990's Studio 54 was one of the first true "superclubs" in Las Vegas. The term superclub can be defined as a nightclub that has all the extravagant perks that take it to the next level. This includes the capacity of the club to hold a few thousand people, the sound system, go go dancers, world class DJ's, bottle service, and a great looking crowd. Studio 54 was the first of its kind to set this important trend in which all other clubs evolved from. Studio 54 has been graced by all different kinds of celebrities including actors and actresses, rock stars, and various pro-athletes. Studio 54 Nightclub recently did a multi-million dollar renovation to make its VIP booths for bottle service more sexy and roomy for its clients. Also, the entry to Studio 54 Las Vegas has been completely remodeled for a sexier and upscale feel.

Studio 54 las vegas

Upon entering the dimly lit hallway, you proceed to the main room where the huge dance floor is located. There are several raised stages where male and female go go dancers perform and keep the energy high. The DJ booth is set in the middle of the dance floor to oversee the crowd and pump various types of music from main stream hip-hop, house, to mash ups. There is a half moon hanging behind the DJ booth which is reminiscent of the original Studio 54 in New York City. There are 4 different dance floors spread throughout the industrial style nightclub. Downstairs by the main bar there are VIP tables where the gorgeous staff of waitresses provide VIP clients with bottle service. You can even find models holding live snakes located throughout the club! As you walk upstairs to one of the main bars there is another small dance floor and VIP seating area where you can dance and mingle with the hottest crowd in the city. The redesigned upstairs VIP area that overlooks the dance floor has gotten a complete makeover with large red leather booths to accommodate larger groups. There is even another bar on the other side of the VIP area that overlooks the club. Club Studio 54 makes it easy for clients to get drinks to avoid the hassles of fighting for drinks while waiting in line. That's why there are 5 large bars where patrons can quickly get a drink and go back to partying. Across from the VIP section is another large area with tables and its own dance floor. This area is perfect for private events for groups of 20 people or more.

Studio 54 las vegas

Club-goers are in for a multi-sensual experience as the aerial acrobats perform every few hours as the confetti rains all over the dance floor crowd. Studio 54 has been a staple in the Las Vegas nightlife scene and it continues to re-invent itself to keep the party going. Studio 54 is located in the MGM Grand Hotel and casino.