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Club Rumjungle Description

Rumjungle las vegas

Rumjungle Nightclub Las Vegas - Rumjungle Nightclub Las Vegas is located Mandalay Bay may not be the newest hotspot on the strip, but it's definitely a popular attraction among club-goers. The d├ęcor is very modern with a latin flair that adds to its sexy appeal. The exterior of the club is a mix of fire and water and is a prelude to what's inside. The main club area is dominated by the largest rum bar in the world with a center display of liquors 20 feet high. Sheets of glass with running water are used to divide the space between sections of the club. At the rear is a generous dancefloor with the DJ and drummer platforms close by.

Rumjungle las vegas

During the night, aerial performers entertain the crowd while the percussionist provides his own beat to the music. Rumjungle has its own distinct style among the other nightclubs in Las Vegas. Their formula is to provide an evening of great cocktails and great dancing with ample seating, which is a rare luxury in most Las Vegas night clubs without spending a small fortune on bottle service. Being one of the most seasoned clubs in Sin City, they must be doing something right!

Rumjungle las vegas
Rumjungle las vegas