Treasures Show


  • Location: Westwood Dr
  • Open: 24/7
  • Music: House, Hip-hop, Top-40
  • Alcohol: Yes. Full stocked bar

Treasures VIP Packages

  • Two Club Tables with Limo

    2 Club Tables w Limo

    What's included:
    • Vegas VIP Host
    • Limo Transfer to strip club
    • Strip club VIP entry & bottle service
    • Limo Transfer to the nightclub
    • Nightclub VIP Entry & Table
    • No Line (includes cover)
    Call 1.800.VEGASVIPfor exclusive pricing
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  • 24 Hour Party

    24 Hour Party

    What's included:
    • Limo transportation
    • VIP entry to pool party
    • Reserved pool cabana/daybed at your choice of TAO Beach, Marquee Dayclub, Drai's Beach Club, Wet Republic, Encore Beach, Daylight, Bare or Liquid Pools
    • Limo transfer to your choice of Restaurant
    • All inclusive set menu dining
    • Limo transfer to nightclub
    • VIP bottle service at the top nightclub
    • Limo transfer to strip club
    • VIP entry to after hours party
    Call 1.800.VEGASVIPfor exclusive pricing
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Treasures Strip Club Las Vegas

Treasures las vegas
Main Stage at Treasures

It's supposed to be the night of your friend's bachelor party and for whatever reason, the best man seems to have dropped the ball. With no plan in place you decide to take the reigns of the situation. As your mind starts filtering through everything there is to do in Las Vegas (and there is a lot), your instincts kick in and the choice is quite clear. While it may fall under a heavy stereotype, there is no denying the fact that the ritual of the bachelor party has become synonymous with a strip club. Luckily for you, the city of Las Vegas is strewn thick with topless clubs like Treasures strip club.

To follow through with its namesake, Treasures seems to have hand selected its girls through the tedious process of ensuring that there is a treasure for every taste. An eclectic mix of gorgeous dancer's promises to keep every guest satisfied whether they're tastes lie with petite blondes, voluptuous brunettes, or even the rough tattooed type. Complimenting the club's crew of gorgeous ladies is the over-the-top décor that makes up Treasures.

The entrance of the club opens up into a Victorian-esque foyer, graced with an unexpected touch of class. A large chandelier hangs above a winding staircase made of gorgeous marble. The remarkable entrance is all but a distraction from the potential cheap décor seen in most strip clubs. The surprising glimpse of elegance offered by Treasure's entrance carries throughout the remainder of its grounds. The main stage, which lies just beyond the grand foyer, reeks of Las Vegas showmanship as the center girl is drenched in a shower of neon light while she utilizes some hidden tricks to enhance her performance.

Treasures las vegas
Treasures Strip Club Tables

If you can peel your eyes away from the three stages in the main room, you should be sure to make use of the voyeuristic semi-private rooms. You can bring your favorite girl behind these closed doors, but expect to feel less than secluded as a glass pane makes up the bulk of the door. More private rooms are available on the second floor along with a skybox, which comes equipped with a personal stage and a view of the lower level's events. Back on the first floor, tucked in between the semi-private rooms and the happy hour buffet is the champagne room. Though a bottle minimum is required to gain access to the champagne room, it acts as the perfect setting for that much needed lap dance.

Like any strip club, entrance to Treasures comes with a price. Unlike other clubs, though, the entrance fees offer more than just a means of getting you through the main doors. Various VIP packages come packed with treasures like transportation service, reservations at Treasures classy Steakhouse, access to a 2 hour open bar, or bottles of champagne and house vodka. Though the prices for these VIP packages may seem steep, what they offer is far worth shelling out upwards of $150. On top of receiving the VIP treatment, the treasure trove of girls alone are worth the extra money.