Blue Martini Nightclub

Blue Martini Review

  • Location: Town Center
  • Nights: Monday, Tuesday,Sunday 4pm-2am, Wed 4pm-3am, Thurs-Fri 4pm-4am.
  • Music: Hip-hop, Top-40
  • Dress Code: Not strict
  • Local Night: Everyday

Blue Martini Nightclub Las Vegas

Who doesn't like a hybrid? No, I'm not talking about a car; I'm talking about the Blue Martini Nightclub. It's a spectacular mix of restaurant, bar, and nightclub. Housed just off the Las Vegas Strip in Town Square, Blue Martini Nightclub is easy to find. Town Square is a pretty hopping mall, and with all of its foot traffic, it supplies Blue Martini with crowds of clubbers each night.

Martinis are the club's signature drink, naturally. And, with the four bars at Blue Martini, you won't have to fight to the death to get one. Even though the martini reigns supreme, the bartenders can make just about any drink you dream up. Blue Martini nightclub's extensive menu and bottle service bridge the gap between restaurant and club. You can even score a cigar from Blue Martini's humidor if you like.

Blue Martini nightclub's atmosphere is decidedly upscale and modern. Surprisingly, the club also comes across as relaxed, largely due to dark cherry colored tables and lighting accents of blue and red.

The club is not low on excitement, despite its relaxed atmosphere—quite the opposite. Blue Martini hosts live performances every night on its impressive stage. The stage is located directly behind the largest bar and across from the DJ booth. Even if you somehow miss the live performance, the DJs will supply good music for you to enjoy. Be sure to hit the dance floor that stretches between them. After all, what's a club if there is no dancing?

So, here's the basic equation. The four bars would indicate that Blue Martini nightclub is a bar, but the extensive menu screams restaurant. The music and stage, not to mention bottle service, indicate that it is a club. It is in every way a hybrid club, but that's fine. Maybe blondes don't have more fun; maybe hybrids do. Come make your own judgment.