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Seamless Strip Club Las Vegas

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Seamless stripclub Las Vegas

If your looking for a good time at a Vegas strip club, I would recommend Seamless Gentlemens Club located at 4740 Arville St., directly across from the Orleans Casino. I was very pleased with the variety of beautiful dancers they present as well as the amount of tables available for VIP service. The bottles are reasonably priced compared to other clubs in town. As you first walk in you notice a stunning water wall that encloses the restroom which has nearly a dozen sinks, no waiting here. The stalls, at first glance, have clear glass. Weird, right? But as you lock the door the glass magically fogs over to give you the privacy you need. A quaint martini bar sits in the front and seats six to eight people. The main bar takes up the entire center of the club making it very easy to get a drink.

The servers are HOT, fun, and lively. The hosts are very cool and un-intimidating....unless you do things you shouldn't be doing. There is one stage toward the rear of the club with three poles that dancers use to tickle your fancy. There are also two smaller platforms next to the main bar that gives you another spot to gander at the talent that IS Las Vegas.

If dancing to house music is what you prefer, Seamless transforms into an afterhours club at 4am. Seamless is one of less than a handful of afterhours clubs in Las Vegas. The dancers vacate the stage and are replaced by a live D.J. who spins into the morning hours.

The two smaller platforms are then occupied by go-go dancers that get your alcohol-thinned blood boiling. If you need a break from dancing yourself, girls are still available on the floor to do the dancing for you...on your lap. So arrive early to gallivant with some gorgeous ladies, then stick around for afterhours to get your OTHER groove on. Nothing says you had a great time better than walking outside of a club, following hours of partying and saying, "Damn! Its daylight already?"