The Horse Strip Club

The Horse Gentlemen's Club

  • Location: Industrial Rd
  • Open: 24/7
  • Music: House, Hip-hop, Top-40
  • Alcohol: Yes. Full stocked bar
this venue is closed

The Horse Strip Club Las Vegas

the horse las vegas
The Horse Outside

What do you get when you mix a Grecian theme with the hottest girls you’ll ever lay your eyes on? You get Las Vegas’ newest addition to the strip club scene - The Horse. The name may sound familiar, and that’s because The Horse existed previously and had temporarily closed down. This summer, on June 1st, though, The Horse will be reopening its doors to a waiting crowd that will undoubtedly leave fulfilled by the experience that this legacy strip club has to offer.

The Horse Gentleman’s Club lives up to its name by providing an experience perfect for any gentleman. This isn’t some seedy strip join looking to make a quick buck. Crazy Horse provides top of the line entertainment in the form of both its line-up of girls and experienced DJ. On any given night, the party at The Horse will definitely be one of the hottest parties you could find off the Las Vegas Strip.

the horse las vegas
Dancer st The Horse

On the outside, The Horse looks like some Grecian bath. When you step through its doors, you’re treated to a high end experience that mixes the intricacies of a Las Vegas nightclub with the focus of a strip joint. The main stage plays up the elegance of the club, providing a visual treat to the eyes of all that step through the door. Being themed after Greek architecture, The Horse also offers up a little bit of Greek mythology with its unforgettable line-up of gorgeous gals.

The women, or shall we say “Goddesses”, of Crazy Horse are some of the hottest you will find in Sin City. Their bodies perfectly toned and seemingly molded to perfection, these girls know how to work a pole and how to keep the attention of onlookers. A mix of sexy blondes and tantalizing brunettes make up The Horse’s mouth-watering line-up, and each is outfitted with the ideal assets to earn the title of Goddess. On top of being a treat to look at, these girls know how to work a crowd and can make any guy feel special. Private shows are a must, especially if there is one girl in particular that has caught your eye.

the horse las vegas dancer
Dancer st The Horse

It’s hard to look past the ladies, seeing as how they take your focus off of the rest of the club, but The Horse is one of the nicer establishments you will ever find on the Las Vegas Strip. Its interior is decorated intricately, almost as if the designer forgot where the attention is really going to be focused at. It may not be the most important aspect of a strip club, but atmosphere guarantees that you will easily settle in and quickly get comfortable.

There’s far more to Crazy Horse than simply walking in, taking a seat, and tossing money at the girl of your liking. This locale is keen on what makes Las Vegas businesses tick, and to compliment the already memorable time, it has thrown together packaged deals ideal for those in-town parties. Whether you’re carting around a bachelor or simply want a guys night out on the town, Crazy Horse can deliver VIP access, bottle service, and plenty of other perks.

There may be plenty of strip clubs to choose from in Las Vegas, but there’s only one that offers up goddess-like women, and that is The Horse.