Top Gun Experience

  • Top Gun Experience

    Top Gun Experience

    What's included:
    • Limo transfer from your hotel to a private hanger.
    • Flight training including safety procedures and aircraft control.
    • Flight time with a certified instructor sitting behind you.
    • Simulated aerial dogfight against a friend or another pilot.
    • Post flight cool down in the hanger's private lounge.
    • Limo transfer back to your hotel to prepare for the evening out.
    • Limo transfer from your hotel to Mandalay Bay.
    • VIP entry to the exclusive Foundation Room located on the 52nd floor.
    • VIP reserved table including premium bottle service.
    • Limo transfer back to your hotel.
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* 6 person minimum. Excludes holidays. Subject to availability.

Just imagine the chance to become a combat fighter pilot for a day. Engage your best friend in aerial combat while at the controls of your very own fighter plane, squeezing the trigger and soaring though the sky. Learn coordinated maneuvers such as barrel rolls, hammerheads and low level flying all while you man the stick with an experienced instructor sitting shotgun. Then you and your wingman duel over the desert in a "Top Gun" style dogfight for air supremacy. This is the ultimate VIP experience for thrill seekers who have the need…..The need for speed!

Before flying you are taught everything you need to know about Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM). After being briefed, you are strapped into a modern Extra 330LC aerobatic plane made famous for its neck bending maneuverability in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship series. The two-seat airplane has a 330 horsepower engine and carbon fiber construction allowing you to buzz the desert floor at 200 mph plus. With a Certified Flight Instructor behind you, you will be taught the art of aerial combat and "high g-force" military maneuvers.

The Top Gun Experience Package includes limo pick-up from your hotel to the private VIP hanger where you and your wingmen will get training and participate in aerial combat over the Nevada desert. After your Top Gun experience, a limo will bring you back to your hotel to freshen up for part 2, when you and your team get VIP bottle service 43 floors atop the Mandalay Bay tower at the super exclusive Foundation Room. Toast to the "ace" of the group, while overlooking the famous Las Vegas strip. It will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.