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Riviera Comedy Club

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Show rating : ♠ ♠ ♠
Location : Riviera
Duration: Ongoing
Days & Showtimes:
   Monday 8:30pm, 10:30pm
   Tuesday 8:30pm, 10:30pm
   Wednesday 8:30pm, 10:30pm
   Thursday 8:30pm, 10:30pm
   Friday 8:30pm, 10:30pm
   Saturday 8:30pm, 10:30pm
   Sunday 8:30pm, 10:30pm
Nudity : NONE
Genres : Comedy, Adult, Headliner

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Riviera Comedy Club

How many comedians does it take to screw in a light bulb? It takes three and they all perform at the Riviera Comedy Club …..with much better jokes than that….I promise! The Riviera Comedy Club has been making audiences laugh out loud for years. It is one of the best places in Las Vegas to see the hottest new talent in the world of comedy. So successful at producing the best funny man line-ups that the Riviera Comedy Club has been voted Best Comedy Club in Las Vegas. In fact it has held that honor for a remarkable 6 years in a row. Now that's consistency!

As you walk into the comedy club, you get that intimate nightclub type of feel. After a couple of cocktails the show is ready to begin as the MC for the night opens with a short set, then introduces the nights comic guest list. This show is not for the easily offended and if you are sitting in the front row, you better have some pretty thick skin. The hilarious comedians blast the audience with hard hitting jokes that will have everyone dying with laughter or turning every shade of red with embarrassment. On your next trip to Las Vegas, make sure you experience the Riviera Comedy Club.