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Anthony Cools

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Show rating : ♠ ♠ ♠
Location : Paris
Duration: Ongoing
Days & Showtimes:
   Monday 9pm
   Tuesday 9pm
   Wednesday Dark
   Thursday 9pm
   Friday 9pm
   Saturday 9pm
   Sunday 9pm
Nudity : NONE
Genres : Hypnotist, Adult

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anthonycools anthonycools Las Vegas Anthony Cools show Anthony Cools show

Anthony Cools

Known for his raw, uninhibited attitude and sultry comedy, Anthony Cools, world famous hypnotist, has been extracting the dirty little secrets and carnal desires from his audience for 13 years now. Cools has taken the art form of comedic hypnosis into an entertainment dimension untouched by his peers. His uncensored show has brought sold-out audiences to their knees. Anthony Cools targets audience members' sexual hang-ups and brings them about in a most unusual and hilarious fashion. Cools keeps a strong emphasis on the comedy and is always very careful not to embarrass his subjects. This common courtesy has gained him an almost cult-like following.

Since participation from the audience is a must for the show to work, Cools designed a state-of-the art showroom appropriately called the Anthony Cools Experience. 30 miles of fiber-optic filament surrounds the audience and transports them to a world where their subconscious wild-sides can be manipulated by the master of naughty hypnosis.

Due to the constantly evolving nature of the show and the unpredictability of the guests, you can expect a drastically different show every night. Anthony still manages to keep every show entertaining by constantly pushing the limits of the mind and body while maintaining the hilarious aspect of the show. Anthony Cools is a definite must see attraction in Las Vegas.