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Barbra & Frank The Concert that Never Was

Barbra & Frank - The Concert that Never Was reservation

Show rating : ♠ ♠
Location : Riviera
Duration: Ongoing
Days & Showtimes:
   Monday Dark
   Tuesday 8:30pm
   Wednesday 8:30pm
   Thursday 8:30pm
   Friday 8:30pm
   Saturday 8:30pm
   Sunday 8:30pm
Nudity : NONE
Genres : Family, Musical, Headliner

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Barbra & Frank Barbra and Frank Las Vegas barbrafrank show Barbra and Frank show

Barbra & Frank

It was long an idea that fans resigned themselves to believe it just wouldn't happen. Ever. But it has! Barbra and Frank are united at the Riviera Hotel and Casino for a wholly enjoyable trip down memory lane. Sharon Owens and Sebastian Anzaldo perform as the dynamic duo. They light up the stage, performing such hits as 'People,' 'That's Life,' and everyone's favorite, 'The Way We Were.'

Sebastian Anzaldo does a fantastic young Frank Sinatra right down to the slight face gestures. His voice is right on target with that of the legendary leader of the Rat Pack. While Sharon Owens not only mimicks the wonderful singing range of Barbra Streisand, she is nearly her identical twin. From the hairstyle and facial features to her lovely evening gowns, it is hard to tell them apart. The entire performance is one great duet right after another.

Near the end of the show, the tuxedoed Sinatra turns to Streisand, who is attired in a stunning black and white gown, and says dismissively, 'Why don't you go backstage, take a little rest, and I'll close the show.' A moment of silence is followed by Streisand saying, in the trade mark Brooklyn accent, 'Excuse me?' Don't miss it, the best concert that never was.