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George Wallace

George Wallace reservation
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Show rating : ♠ ♠ ♠
Location : Flamingo
Duration: Ongoing
Days & Showtimes:
   Monday Dark
   Tuesday 10pm
   Wednesday 10pm
   Thursday 10pm
   Friday 10pm
   Saturday 10pm
   Sunday Dark
Nudity : NONE
Genres : Comedy, Headliner

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George Wallace

'I be thinkin'' that you and 'Yo' mama' are gonna love George Wallace and his self-proclaimed, 'Best 10pm Show.' The acclaimed comedian delivers his poignant and witty banter derived from every day life on the stage and he sometimes mixes in celebrity entertainers to aid him in keeping the crowd in stitches or delivering some good music. Watch for Wallace to pick on the audience members who arrive late, talk on their cell phones or just sit there.

George's unique brand of social commentary has proven popular with radio audiences as well. Wallace was a regular on The Tom Joyner Morning Show before joining the legendary Isaac Hayes on a popular radio program on WRKS, New York. He also starred in his own HBO special and appeared on many television shows, such as The Tonight Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show and Late Night with David Letterman. Wallace also has many motion picture credits on his list of credentials.

The bottom line is that Wallace finds humor everywhere he turns - from media to relationships to dialogue clich├ęs. At all costs, he avoids standard opening lines and is known to be an ace at reading an audience. Among other comics, Wallace is known as, "The guy who can roll the room over if it's dead."