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Crazy Girls

Crazy Girls

Show rating : ♠ ♠ ♠
Location : Riviera
Duration: Ongoing
Days & Showtimes:
   Monday 9:30pm
   Tuesday Dark
   Wednesday 9:30pm
   Thursday 9:30pm
   Friday 9:30pm
   Saturday 9:30pm
   Sunday 9:30pm
Nudity : Topless
Genres : Adult, Musical, Production

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Crazy Girls Crazy Girls Las Vegas Crazy Girls show Crazy Girls show

Crazy Girls

No show in Las Vegas' history has raised so much controversy as the Crazy Girls at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. Then again, not many shows have as long a history of success. Crazy Girls is in its 20th year and is the fifth-longest running show left in Las Vegas. The show has been described by the Robb Report as the best alternative to the vast array of gentlemen's clubs in town and is a much better value.

Part of the secret of success with Crazy Girls is the hands-on, entrepreneurial style in which every facet of the show is managed. From choosing the entertainers to the fine- tuning of every aspect of the disciplined dancers, the show has always offered much more than the bare essentials of a topless revue. The performers are always happy to be dancing and it shows.

With eight dancers barely covered by chains, black leather, and of course g-strings Crazy Girls has become a staple in Las Vegas amongst topless reviews. However there is a segment where even the g-string is removed leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, making this one of the only fully nude reviews on the Las Vegas Strip. If you are looking for the ultimate bachelor party show minus the lap dances, then look no further.