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las vegas Super Bowl

Las Vegas Super Bowl

Where were you when Devin Hester ran the opening kickoff for a touchdown in '07 or when the Giants shocked the world by defeating the Patriots to win the Super Bowl in '08? If you weren't in Florida or Arizona watching the game from the stands, then there is only one place you should have been, Las Vegas. Home to some of the top nightclubs, restaurants and hotels in the world, Las Vegas is also the spot to be for some of the best Super Bowl parties as well. Being that good ol' Las Vegas is the Mecca of gambling, where else would you go to watch the biggest sporting event of the year? When it comes to the Super Bowl, Las Vegas is the number one destination for gamblers and party goers alike. Whether you are placing your money on one of the many "prop" bets or if you are looking to pig out and get wasted with your college buddies on nachos, hot dogs and your favorite ice cold beer, Vegas is where you want to be for the ultimate Super Bowl party.

Some of you may remember the controversy in 2004 when the National Football League threatened legal action against a number of hotel casinos that were showing the game on large-screen televisions in their ballrooms for an admission fee. The NFL was against hotels charging people to watch a free, nationally televised sporting event; which is perfectly understandable due to copyrighting and mass-out-home broadcast laws. The hotel casinos, in an effort to avoid any legal issues with the National Football League, did away with their big Superbowl parties and just offered a more tame "Super Sunday" alternative to their players club members. This, however, didn't put a stop to other establishments, such as local bars and gentlemen's clubs, showing the season finale. Being smaller targets for any sort of litigation, these venues have found a way to creatively charge patrons for the viewing pleasure and thus offer the best big game bashes in town.

Each venue will have its own specials going on for food and drinks and there is always some sort of halftime raffle for cash and prizes. Vegas VIP's team of party specialists can offer package deals to some of the most exclusive Vegas Super Bowl events in town.


- minimum of 6 people - customer must meet bottle minimum - packages subject to availability -